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Initially in 1883, Late Shri. Govindrao Deval, Chief Justice Vishwanathrao Gokhale and Police Officer Shri. Natu decided to spend their evenings in musical way, for which they decided to establish an organization, which was named as Karveer Gayan Samaj. Each time either a classical vocalist or an instrumentalist in the town was invited for presenting, his skills and the flavor of his art. Gradually, apart from the artists in Kolhapur, this trio started organizing concerts of even the visiting artists, for which they used to hire the rooms of then Rajaram College building. The monthly membership fees were 25 Paise only. The remuneration paid to the artists was whatever they could afford from the collection of membership fees; as the programs used to be free for all. Karveer Gayan Samaj was the originator for institutionalizing music education, as they started the 1st music class in Kolhapur in 1890. Despite many ups and downs, Shri. Mehendale and Shri. Limaye continued this activity till 1930.