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The story of the inception of 'Gayan Samaj Deval Club' is very interesting. It begins with the coming together of a group of music lovers, which gave birth to two different organizations, followed by their subsequent merger in the larger interest.

Karveer Gayan Samaj established in 1883 and Deval Club in 1893 got amalgamated in 1946 and since then the trust is known as Gayan Samaj Deval Club.

Gayan Samaj Deval Club is one of those distinguished organisations in the country, which has enjoyed the royal patronage in its budding stage. The visionary King of Kolhapur, Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shri Shahu Maharaja had a great love and affection towards the classical music, dance and drama. His patronage has been instrumental in stability of this organisation. Moreover, eminent artists of different generations have supported the club activities so as to reach to the status that it enjoys today.