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Building Plan of Gayan Samaj Deval Club - Kolhapur
Infrastructure Development: In order to meet effectively the challenges of the modern times and to serve the cause more efficiently, Gayan Samaj Deval Club has decided to focus on infrastructure development on one hand and on the other, to initiate various activities with a special focus on encouraging the younger generation. Accordingly, the club is constructing an educational multipurpose cultural complex which would provide for the soundproof class rooms, practice halls, art gallery, store rooms for instruments and equipments, reference library,
Under Construction Practice Hall of Gayan Samaj Deval Club - Kolhapur
recording and editing studio (audio/video), accommodation for students, guest rooms for visiting artists, cafeteria, performing spaces and a well equipped auditorium for arranging concerts and stage shows. It is also essential to renovate the old heritage building where the club intends to undertake the project of Guru-Shishya Parampara to train the younger generation. The theatre wing is planning to initiate the children theatre movement. Efforts are also going to be made to undertake various collaboration and exchange programs on national and international level.

Theatre at Gayan Samaj Deval Club - Kolhapur
Documentation : For any organization, an active life exceeding 100 years is not only remarkable but phenomenal as well. It is essential therefore, to keep an account of those historical happenings, which will give newer generation the knowledge about the past. Keeping this in mind, the club has started collecting photographs, letters, manuscripts; published material such as handbills, brochures or periodical reports of activities, and even the vouchers and the books of accounts will not only give the
Music Recording Theatre at Gayan Samaj Deval Club - Kolhapur
glimpses of the golden past but will also be a source of inspiration for the newer generation. The club in its new building is planning to maintain its display on regular basis. It will be made available to the research students and scholars. Further, the club is also developing an archive of audio/video recordings, which will be the true representative of unmatched performing skills of the legendary artists.