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Deval Club Building - Kolhapur
In 1893, Late Shri. Keshav Govind Alias Baba Deval, along with Late Visubhau Gokhale (Father of Shri. D. V. Gokhale, Editor of the Daily Kesari from Pune) and Late Shri. Trimbakrao Datar came together and started organizing picnics, socials and dinner parties along with musical concerts and programs. Though this began in an informal way and was confined to only a small group of people; slowly its popularity spread around resulting in an increased attendance from public. There was no formal membership and the participants were sharing the actual expenses. Eventually people started calling these gatherings as Deval Club and that was how, the foundation of another legendary organization was laid. Meanwhile in 1895, Ustad Alladiyan Khan saheb, the doyen of Jaipur Gharana, who had arrived in Kolhapur as a Special Court Singer, started attending these gatherings. Late Shri. Govindrao Tembe, a great musician, writer, actor, singer and an expert Harmonium player, was also a regular member of this group. They had hired the first floor of a residential building of Mr. Balwant Trimbak Luktuke, located behind the Laxmiprasad Theatre in Mangalwar Peth area. Many more musical personalities such as Shri. Balkrishnabuva Ichalkarangikar, Ramkrishnabuva Vaze, Ustad Abdul Karim Khan saheb, Bhaskarbuva Bakhale, Ustad Manji Khan and Bhurjikhan saheb, Bal Gandharva, Keshavrao Bhosale ..... followed them and slowly Deval Club became very popular. Apart from these great musical personalities, the music lovers regularly attending included Narhar Ramchandra Joshi (Later shifted to Indore), Narayan Apte, Rambhau Vajramushti, Rajarambapu Vankudre (Father of V. Shantaram), Kashinathrao Bodas, Haribhau Taralekar, Venkatrao Managavkar, Vasudevrao Gabale, Vasunana Nagavkar, Bhausaheb Limaye, Mehendale, Baburao Ruikar, Shri. Krishnarao Bawadekar and many more. Most of them were also the members of earlier founded Karveer Gayan Samaj. Apart from arranging musical programs, Deval Club also took up the task of musical education and after having its own premises in 1921, started a music school, which was looked after initially by Shri. Keshavbuva Gogate & Shri. Apayyabuva, and later on by Shri. Gundopant Walawalkar, Shri. Devasthali and Shri. Hawaldar.

Both Karveer Gayan Samaj and Deval Club were working for the same cause of promoting mainly the Indian Classical Music. Majority of the members were also common. Naturally, a thought of putting an end to the existence of the two different entities was slowly and strongly developimg. Eventually in 1946, both the institutes amalgamated under the existing name, i.e. Gayan Samaj Deval Club. Later on in 1987, another historic institution namely 'Karveer Natya Mandal' also decided to end up its separate existence and got merged into Gayan Samaj Deval Club.