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About Us / Aims & Objectives

The aims and objects of Gayan Samaj Deval Club are
  • To preserve, promote and propagate performing arts, particularly Indian Classical Music, Dance and Drama.
  • To promote amongst youth and children the interest of classical music, dance and drama.
  • To impart methodical training of classical music, dance and drama and to promote and propagate 'Guru-Shishya Parampara', the soul of Indian Music tradition and the proven method for developing new generations of performing artists.
  • To develop and make available various facilities such as classrooms, practice hall, recording studio, stage, auditorium and accommodation for students as well as the visiting artists and teachers.
  • To promote and encourage research of performing arts by making available reference books, research papers and documents, photographs and audio-video recordings.
  • To felicitate the artists and teachers for their contribution and to undertake activities for their welfare.
  • To create awareness and liking amidst members, as well as in the society, about musicology, dramatics and allied arts.